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Carlos Gonzalez blessed by “La Chinita”

November 23

November 17-22

After a slow start of season, in which batted for .067, the big leaguer showed up what he is capable to do in offense and defense.

Gonzalez was key member of the team during this week, famous in Maracaibo as is celebrated the “Feria de la Chinita”, a particular religious tradition of this city. During this period CarGo went 10 for 22 (.454) with 8 R, 6 RBI, 3 2B and a HR.

Playing in the center field, Gonzalez’ performance has been oustanding as usual, even delighting the home fans with amazing catchs.

Yesterday, during the game between Zuli and La Guaira, Gonzalez was susbsituted following a slight injury on the knee scoring after a harsh slide.

In Zulia, the expectation is huge. Gonzalez joined Callaspo and Parra to help the team to achieve his 6th title in history. The “Aguilas” haven’t won the league since 1999-2000.

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